Customer Service

More than ever, in today’s challenging business environment, successful companies are focusing on their most valuable assets – their customers.

Companies seek to retain their foremost customers and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction – whether it’s sales, service, or marketing.

At Growth Marketing Solutions we believe in delivering the very best customer experience – when we are talking with our corporate clients about their next complex sales campaign and when selling products on our clients’ behalf.

As a Growth Marketing Solutions client, you will be appointed a dedicated account manager who will research your company to understand your needs, help you plan your campaign and work with you to arrange product based training for our sales staff.

Your Growth Marketing Solutions account manager will manage the day to day logistics of your campaign, ensure paper work is completed with accuracy and resolve any issues that arise before they can escalate.

As you would expect, your account manager will meet with you at regular, agreed intervals to explain customer contacts, sales generated and orders lodged.

With exceptional talent and extensive experience, your account manager will proactively manage your campaign to deliver advancement that extends your customer reach and grows your business.