Outsourcing Programs

When employees are unhappy, high staff turnover and low business performance can be the result; both of which prove to be disruptive as well as expensive to for your organization. One reason might be weak human resource practices within your company.

HR outsourcing can help your company stay ahead by overcoming administrative challenges and streamlining HR practices, while reducing operating costs at the same time.

Human Resources management no longer needs to be secondary to your core business operation as Growth Marketing Solutions can provide HR and Administrative support that keeps your employee’s welfare as the prime objective. Our team of experienced HR professionals possess a broad range of skills and can provide you with customized procedures based on your company’s HR needs.

As your HR outsourcing partner, we can:

  • Set up your HR department and provide HR expertise in compliance to Australian labour laws, policies and procedures. Our team of highly-skilled HR experts can help you minimise risks by complying with good practices.
  • Provide support and expertise to help your employees perform and be productive.
  • Conduct performance and talent management exercises.
  • Provide recruitment and HR outsourcing services.
  • Undertake coaching and training programmes for employee development.
  • Provide guidance and advice on any HR issues you may face. We monitor changes in employment law, and stay abreast with the most effective cost-saving and performance-building trends.
  • Provide employee survey solutions that can help you gauge employee satisfaction and subsequently improve their productivity and reduce staff turnover.
  • Provide payroll services to manage wages and salaries that need to be paid to your employees.

Call us today to learn how our HR services can help you stay focused on your business.