Sales and Marketing

Door-to-door (D2D) marketing has proven to be one of the most effective business mediums available today for any business that is looking for ways to penetrate the residential marketplace.

Growth marketing Solutions ensures that you will reach the right target audience, enhance your marketing efforts, and increase sales. We strategically portray your product to potential customers using time- and cost-effective methods.

Our direct sales team will knock on doors in agreed residential areas to introduce your company and products directly to prospects.

With excellent communication skills, they will talk to consumers about their current product usage, listen to their needs, identify opportunities, and then package the best solution from within your range to close the sale.

Choose our door-to-door sale service to:

  • Increase sales
  • Expand product awareness
  • Gain valuable market feedback
  • Overcome reservations that may stop prospects from buying
  • Add momentum and close sales following a promotional campaign

Our SME door to door sales team understands the demands of enterprise and can effectively communicate with business owners.

They will work together with the SME’s to find the best solution from your product range for their business in order to increase efficiencies, productivity and profitability.

Choose our door to door sales service to: 

  • Increase sales and add drive following a promotional campaign
  • Increase awareness for your products
  • Obtain valuable market feedback
  • Overcome uncertainties that may stop prospects from purchasing