Surveys are the best way to investigate your customer’s opinion. They are a proven method of obtaining invaluable information that aids decision making.

It usually takes more than one survey a year to know what is on your customer’s mind. You require an ongoing strategy of continuous measurement and improvement of service standards based on the customer feedback.

You can benefit from our surveys by:

  • Learning where your strengths lie (as well as your weaknesses)
  • Measuring your industry performance
  • Having happier and more productive employees through our staff satisfaction surveys
  • Obtaining a strong future needs analysis
  • Increasing customer loyalty


Surveys which have been carefully planned will provide you with accurate data and will save you time and money in the long run.

Growth Marketing Solutions has intensive experience in running successful market research projects. Our professional staff can provide you with insightful, quality interviews and data using a combination of online as well as telephone surveys.

We don’t just send out random surveys, but instead gather contact details of the appropriate person who can provide the accurate and honest information that you strive for.

For a more personalized effect, we can also brand this service with your company logo. Our objective is to give you a clear insight into what your target market and customers really think.

To find out more about our Market Surveys, or to discuss how we can assist you in collecting data or feedback, call us today.