Business to Business Sales

Business workgroup Achieve your Business to Business (B2B) sales targets with Growth Marketing Solutions high performance, scalable and comprehensive B2B sales solutions.

Imagine having a skilled, experienced sales and account management team to deliver your B2B sales, without recruitment or training hassles. A team that grows with your business, using technology tools to efficiently deliver exceptional sales performance.

Growth Marketing Solutions understands the unique B2B sales cycle – the need for customer relationship building to foster customer lifetime value and the impact of longer sales cycles, because we provide B2B sales services to some of Australia’s largest organizations.

Growth Marketing Solutions assists with ‘gain and retain’ activities, maximizing customer tenure and value through up-sell, cross-sell and customer development.

Take advantage of our flexibility – you can choose to partner with Growth Marketing Solutions for your end-to-end sales needs or add value at a particular point in the sales cycle. Perhaps you have a group of untapped customers or a new product to launch.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Prospect targeting
Lead generation
Tactical and strategic outbound selling
Customer development
Customer support

Prospect Targeting

Growth Marketing Solutions takes the hard work out of identification of prospects, we can utilize your prospect database or you can leverage our partnerships with specialist data providers. Our rigorous customer segmentation and analysis enables identification of targets that are most likely to generate profitable sales.

Lead Generation

Perhaps the most critical phase of sales channel development is the initial fact finding and qualifying phase. Our team can assist in building rapport and credibility, gathering critical intelligence and identifying ‘must have’ criteria for winning new business.

Growth Marketing Solutions can pre-qualify prospects for you, identifying revenue potential and sales propensity, competitive activity, customer spend patterns and buying preferences. Detailed analysis can then either be passed to your sales force or can be escalated to our sales team for action.

Outbound Selling

Whether you need to foster a closer relationship with your customers, showcase a product or develop an untapped market, Growth Marketing Solutions has the experience and expertise to create a B2B sales model that is right for your business. We focus on high potential prospects through tailored offerings and proactive follow ups. Core to this success is our recruitment, training and coaching programs which deliver the best people for the task at hand, whether a hunting or farming role.

Customer Development and Support

Growth Marketing Solutions has developed a simple but highly effective consultative sales process that focuses on building long term, trusted relationships that maximize the potential of every customer. Here are just some of the ways we optimize your B2B customer development:

Smart analysis initiates more frequent contact with high potential customers
Sophisticated routing ensures inbound customer calls are directed to account managers
Consistent processes streamline customer inquiries, issues and escalations
Growth Marketing Solutions multichannel approach delivers a single, integrated view of your customer no matter how they choose to communicate with you – via SMS, social media, email or fax
Feedback portals collect customer satisfaction data for continuous quality improvements