Business to Consumer Sales

Smiling Telemarketer Achieve your Business to Consumer (B2C) sales targets with our high energy, high performance teams supported by the best technology and management processes around.

Growth Marketing Solutions expertise and experience with delivering on sales targets to some of Australia largest consumer organisations will translate to an exceptional, hassle free solution for your business.

It is Growth Marketing Solutions people who make the difference. Our recruitment, training and coaching programs ensure that we have happy, motivated teams who deliver exceptional sales performance. Our people are recruited not only for their skills but also their fit with the DNA of your organization, to ensure they mirror your brand values and culture.

Partner with Growth Marketing Solutions for your end-to-end sales needs or add value at a particular point in the sales cycle, perhaps you have an untapped segment or a new product to launch. Here’s some examples of how we can help:

Prospect targeting
Campaign management
Customer acquisition
Win-back, churn management and customer retention
Door to door sales and shopping centre kiosks
Customer support

Growth Marketing Solutions takes the hard work out of identification of prospects. We can utilise your prospect database or you can leverage our partnerships with specialist data providers. Our rigorous customer segmentation and analysis enables identification of targets that are most likely to generate profitable sales.

Campaign Management
Effective outbound campaign management is a highly specialised skill set. Our industry experts design and optimise campaigns teaming with dialer managers and outbound specialists who find that delicate balance between over-dialing and optimum utilisation.

Customer Acquisition

Whether it’s tactical ‘once off’ sales to help increase market share or up/cross selling to existing customers, we are the partner of choice for many of Australia and New Zealand’s highest profile brands.

Growth Marketing Solutions expert teams maximize the potential of each contact by ensuring calls are made at the right time of day and match agent skill sets to your customer demographics. Growth Marketing Solutions train agents to ensure optimum conversion rates and reduced handling time by quickly qualifying opportunities or identifying prospects unlikely to make a purchase.

Win-back, Churn Management and Customer Retention
Retain your valued customers and maximize their lifetime value by treating them well, dissuading them from cancelling and winning them back with targeted offerings:

Smart analysis identifies segments likely to churn
Sophisticated routing ensures inbound customer calls are directed to last agent contacted
Agents are trained as to the best approach to retain customers likely to cancel
Proactively offer promotions to inhibit cancellations

Customer Support
Many of our clients team their sales activities with inbound customer service for a seamless approach to customer relationship management.

Consistent processes to streamline customer enquiries, issues and escalations
A multichannel approach for a single, integrated view of your customer no matter how they choose to communicate with you – via SMS, social media, email or fax
Feedback portals collect customer satisfaction data for continuous quality improvements