s5 Growth Marketing Solutions transforms the collections process, combining technology and expertise to optimise efficiency.

Our aim is to dramatically improve client’s cash flow and reduce outstanding debtor days.

Growth Marketing Solutions are experts at high volume transaction processing, scalable solutions ramp up to reflect the changing needs of your business.

Growth Marketing Solutions clients benefit from a wide range of transformational collection activities:

Pre-emptive reminder calls
Outstanding debt collections
Obtaining ‘promise to pay’ commitments
Arrangement of payment plans
Payment processing
Skip tracing and data analytics to find delinquent debtors

The Right People
It is our people that make the difference:

Growth Marketing Solutions in-house recruitment expertise ensures that we have dedicated, motivated teams who deliver exceptional collections performance. Our people are recruited not only for their skills but also their fit with the DNA of your organization, to ensure they mirror your brand values and culture
Our people are focused on delivering great outcomes for our clients through our commitment to continuous training, and by developing reward and recognition structures that celebrate high achievement and link staff remuneration to their performance.
We take a true partnership approach, daily management contact with key client stakeholders identifies issues and risks, and develops effective operational tactics to improve campaign performance.

Leveraging Technology
Our technology enables efficiency improvements:

We harness the power of exceptional dialer technology so clients benefit without high cost of ownership. Our dialers drive efficiency, maximizing “right party contact” by avoiding answering machines, busy signals or getting the wrong person
Automated speech solutions reduce live agent handling time and minimise cost
Integrated payment gateways deliver immediate cash flow improvements

Process Efficiency
Benefit from our experience in the provision of collections services, we know what works and will continue to seek continuous quality improvements:

  • Our analysts scour data for clues as to how we can do things better – when is the best time to call? Is the data accurate?
  • We understand the importance of security, and take a rigorous approach to IT, data and physical security requirements
  • Our outbound specialist team constantly monitors and adjusts the dialing finding the optimum balance between over-dialing and optimum utilization