Email Marketing

s7 Email Marketing: Why Outsource?
Many companies are choosing to outsource the vital task of email marketing. Let’s look at some reasons why you might decide to go with Growth Marketing Solutions, rather than manage the sending of bulk email in-house.
Help…I am not a spammer!

A staggering 90% of email received falls into the category of spam.

Your number one priority when sending email to customers is that you are not perceived to be among the ranks of the spammer. This is a complicated process, involving regular checks of internet blacklists.

Growth Marketing Solutions takes this responsibility out of your hands, with many companies also having existing relationships with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to help ensure the safe delivery of your message. They may also make use of anti-spam filters, checking the content of your messages for that which may cause ISPs to mark your legitimate communications as spam.

Save yourself time – have peace of mind!
What happens if a recipient no longer wishes to receive your newsletter, or forgets that they have opted in and then mark your communications as spam? Good practice dictates that prompt action must be taken to remove such recipients from your subscription lists. Failure to do so may result in breaches of ISP terms and conditions or anti-spam legislation. The process of monitoring and actioning these requests is time consuming and far from fool-proof. Growth Marketing Solutions with programmed systems which automatically update subscription lists removes this hassle.

Don’t cripple your personal or professional email account.
How about your network? Email is a wonderful way to disseminate information, but on a large scale it can cripple your email servers for periods of time. Growth Marketing Solutions will take the strain, with systems specifically set up just to send emails in bulk. In addition, with the volume of expected “bounced” emails (that is, those sent back to you undelivered) at about 10%, you can expect some confusion hold-ups – why not let someone else’s automated system decide which need to be resent and which need to be removed from your list?

Know and understand your customer via campaign reporting
Growth Marketing Solutions can also give you access to powerful reporting tools, presenting easy-to-understand information about your audience, such as who is reading your emails, what they are doing within the email (following links, for example) and who has unsubscribed. This information is incredibly valuable in getting to know your customer.