Business to Consumer Customer Service

s2 Growth Marketing Solutions understands that every customer conversation has the potential to maximize your customer lifetime value and exceptional conversations are what we do best. Growth Marketing Solutions is trusted to manage some of Australia’s largest and most prominent customer service centres. We reflect the values of our client’s brands and deliver quality, reliable services that optimize customer interactions through process re-engineering, customer experience management and cost reduction roadmaps.
Our People – The Best Fit
It is our people who make the difference. Our recruitment, training and coaching programs ensure that we have motivated teams who deliver exceptional customer service performance. Growth Marketing Solutions employees are specifically recruited to fit with the DNA of your business and immerse themselves in your brand. Through our learning and development initiatives, agents gain an in-depth knowledge of your products, business principles and processes. In a nutshell, your business will benefit from performance outcomes that set the benchmark for recruitment, training, coaching, leadership and management practices.Growing? No Problem.
Growth Marketing Solutions understands that call volumes can be unpredictable. We have the capacity to scale with your business to effectively manage unexpected peaks in demand through our rapid recruitment and training processes and the flexibility of our IT systems.

Proactive Relationship Building

Growth Marketing Solutions understands the unique aspects of customer service, the need for relationship building and the importance of maximizing customer lifetime value.

Our focus is to ensure that we are:

Intuitive and responsive to the needs of your customers
Engaged and integrated with your in house teams
Continually proactive in looking for ways to improve your service and our service to you

Customer Service Solutions
Growth Marketing Solutions superior customer service solutions enable management of customer interactions across all channels, from general inquiries or order taking, through to complex service support and customer complaints. Our best-of-breed technology platform enables agility, scalability and stability:

Multichannel – go beyond voice and bring the management of mobile, social media, email, SMS, fax, web chat and self-service channels into your contact centre with Growth Marketing Solutions multichannel approach. Multichannel ensures that we have a complete view of all your customers’ previous interactions so you significantly reduce the effort required to address each enquiry. Growth Marketing Solutions integrates customer intelligence from multiple channels in real-time to create actionable insights, elevating customer experience and simultaneously reducing the cost of service.

Inbound call handling – we develop conversations with your customers that can be highly structured and scripted, or more free flowing, managing customer service, information, receptionist and messaging functions

Outbound call handling – we are pro-active in customer relationship development, initiating welcome calls, follow-ups, promotions, lead management and account management activities to foster customer satisfaction, spend and retention.

Administrative activities – our agents can handle all back office aspects of customer relationship management, from registration, customer detail updates to full database management

Email handling – we analyse, prioritise and route interactions from your chosen channels within our universal queue based on your business rules. No matter where the point of origin, your customer interactions are handled in the most appropriate and efficient manner

Issue management – effective management of dissatisfied customers can be a key moment of truth in the customer lifecycle, resulting in either retention or churn. Growth Marketing Solutions applies superior processes to issue management and resolution with skilled agents trained to transform issues into satisfied customers

Feedback portals – we collect customer satisfaction data to drive continuous improvement
Customer Development – in our world of interaction, every contact with another human is a sales opportunity. In every service conversation Growth Marketing Solutions has a single-minded customer development focus. We aproach every contact as an opportunity to identify new customer needs and offer new solutions to those needs. Growth Marketing Solutions is always focused on customer lifetime value, even when fulfilling transactional customer service requests

Continual Quality Improvement
A partnership approach between Growth Marketing Solutions and our clients is essential to foster the symbiotic relationships necessary for success. We encourage regular professional reviews, agent socialisation, commercially flexible contracts and an approach to quality that focuses on continual improvement through customer, client, agent and management feedback mechanisms. We consistently drive measures to increase accountability, quality and transparency for all the services we deliver.